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Publication No. 760 of monthly issue "The Fashion Machine News" published in December 2022

・JIAM 2022 OSAKA closes with 10,423 visitors

・Tabio launches new customized embroidery service with Tajima Embroidery Solution

・Madeira is the first to offer a 100% sustainable embroidery option

・Kornit Digital issues second-annual impact report

・Coloreel's technology for thread dyeing reduces water consumption by 97%

・JUKI holds "Upcycling Event" using old clothes

・AMANN Group : An era is coming to an end - the signs continue to point to growth

・SHIMA SEIKI announces sales promotion packages for apparel inudstry togetther with KDDI

・Brother launches home embroidery machines in the Japanese market 

・Brother opens industrial printer showroom

・Brother cosponsors "ReUse by Printing-01" event

・JACK C2 Automatic Thread Trimmer Overlock Machine

・PFAFF 3686 Perfect darts and waistband pleats with PFAFF's new CNC sewing unit

・DA 911-906 Highest productivity through automatic overlapping CNC-sewing

・Gunold GmbH - Sustainability the way we understand it

・z-emotion introduces first digital fashion NFT on CYPHRLY

・EFI Reggiani is leading innovation in green at India ITME 2022

・Lectra announces the acquision of the majority of the capital of TextileGenesis

・ASICS unvails lightest ever CO2e emission sneaker, emitting just 1.95 kg per pair

・Despray Environmental: Aerosol cans as a resource, not waste

・High Fashion Group first-ever digital generative fashion collection: "THEME X Silkism X Rarebbit"

・EURATEX & ATP Convention successfully concluded in Porto: European textile industry needs to prepar for a paradigm shift, and become global leader in sustainable textiles

・Apparel brands intensify collaboration with supply chains, promoted by the EU strategy for sustainable and cirluar textiles (Textile Intelligence)

Publication No. 758 of monthly issue "The Fashion Machine News" published in October 2022

・Greetings from overseas associations on the occasion of JIAM 2022 OSAKA

・JUKI to participate in JIAM 2022 OSAKA

・PEGASUS to participate in JIAM 2022 OSAKA

・BARUDAN to participate in JIAM 2022 OSAKA

・Brother - accumulated production of home sewing machines has reached 70 million units

・Brother to participate in JIAM 2022 OSAKA

・TISM establishes new company "Tajima Software Solutions Inc."

・Interview with TISM about the new company

・SHIMA SEIKI 60th anniversary event under the theme "Open Up the Future"

・JACK C5S-KS pneumatic computer overlock machine

・GUNOLD: Embroidery and textile decoration in autumn-winter 2023/2024

Durkopp Adler to participate in JIAM 2022 OSAKA

H.S. Machinery Co., Ltd. to participate in JIAM 2022 OSAKA

TSM/TAKAOKA to participate in JIAM 2022 OSAKA

Emery Machinery Corp to participate in JIAM 2022 OSAKA

・Organ Needle Co., Ltd. holds a press tour of Organ Needle Museum

・Organ Needle Co., Ltd. to participate in JIAM 2022 OSAKA

・JUKI HZL-UX8 computerized home sewing machine awarded with "GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2022"

・Adelco lanches updated hybrid digital printing solution

・New dates for ITMA ASIA ; CITME 2022

・Printing Expo Online - Don't let reality hold you back!

・Janome opens Bobinage in NY, first overseas store

・New president of Suprena Incorporated

・Groz-Becker INH Quality Management

・Kornit Digital at PRINTING United Expo 2022

Publication No. 756 of monthly issue "The Fashion Machine News" published in August 2022

・Press Conference for JIAM 2022 OSAKA

・Texprocess Frankfurt Review by JUKI Corporation

・Texprocess Frankfurt Review by Coloreel

・Texprocess Frankfurt Review by ZSK

・Texprocess Frankfurt Review by TAJIMA

・Texprocess Frankfurt Review by MADEIRA

・Texprocess Frankfurt Review by Dürkopp Adler GmbH

・Texprocess Frankfurt Review by

・Techtextil Frankfurt Review by SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD.

・BROTHER to launch NEXIO UF-8910/UF-8920 onto the Japanese Market

・Matsuoka Corporation accelerates adoption of Internet of Things with Lectra’s multi-ply

    cutting solution

・Kornit Digital Set to Unlock the Future of Sustainable Fashion in Asia Pacific

・Kornit Digital Opens New Virtual Tradeshow at Printing Expo Online 2022

・JACK at CISMA Ends Successfully

・Texprocess Frankfurt Review by Vi.Be.Mac.SpA

・Texprocess Frankfurt Review by IMA S.p.A., Italy

・Texprocess Frankfurt Review by Veit GmbH

・Techtextil and Texprocess 2022 set benchmarks for future-oriented textile trade fairs


・Thank you for Designing the New Pattern of Success Together - See You Again at GFT 2023!

・Textile manufacturers turn to mono material fabrics and cellulosic fibres as pressure

    mounts to improve the recyclability of textile products


Publication No. 752 of monthly issue "The Fashion Machine News" published in April 2022

・Techtextil, Texprocess and Heimtextil Summer Special: bundled re-start for global textiles fairs 
     in Frankfurt


・JUKI and PEGASUS 1st Model by Joint Development M900/DJ series Release

・JUKI launches a series of new eyelet buttonholing machines, the MEB 3200C System

・GUNOLD: Innovative Embroidery Nonwovens and Sustainable Thread

・BROTHER at Texprocess Americas 2022


・TSM’s Semi-Auto Arm Cutter provides another option for cutting work 

・Avalution measures German soldiers in 3D 

・Global leaders in printing & drying machines Adelco, announces 50 years of trading

・BB Engineering GmbH records order intake from Thai Polyester for four VacuFil recycling systems

・AMANNs latest innovation: Basalt-tech, a sewing thread entirely made from stone

・DIVERSE & INFINITE – International Innovation Days at eurolaser
・JACK MS-100A Super large area pattern sewing machine


・Flagship models of home sewing machine makers around the world

・JASMA announces winners of 42nd contest for home sewing works by nationwide school students 

・PFAFF® creative icon™ 2

・Back to the Future: h+h cologne re-start convinces with high level of internationalit

・Denim Show to showcase Indian Denim industry prowess at the first Mumbai edition 


・Strong home textiles exports create opportunities for Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles suppliers

・Innovation in moisture management technologies accelerates as consumers demand greater

    functionality from performance apparel  (by Textile Intelligence)

・Statistics on production/trading of sewing machine/parts in Japan in 2021

・Kornit Digital Introduces High-Volume Digital Production Solution for Vibrant Decorative Designs on 
    Polyester and Polyester-Blended Apparel

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